Contact Information:
Desired Indoor Temperature (°F):
 40°  45°  50°  55°  60°  65°  70°  75°  80°  
Building Dimensions (in feet):
Air Changes Per Hour
 1/2 Tightly Sealed 
 1 Normal 
 1 1/2 Drafty 
Project Information:
  Concrete Slab  
 Gypsum Slab 
 Brick (Common) 
 Brick (Common & Face) 
 3/4" Plywood 
 Poured Concrete (30lb/ft³)  
 Solid Cinder 
 Hollow Cinder 
 Hollow Cinder with Perlite 
 3/4" Plywood 
Are any of the walls interior walls?
If so, indicate how many and whether the short or long side:
Hangar Door:
 Wood  Steel  Other 
Man Door, if applicable:
 SteelClear Thermopane 
  Tinted Thermopane  
 Glass Block 
Fuel Type:
 Natural Gas  Propane 
If you desire a savings calculation, Please indicate the following:
(indicate CCF/MCF/Gallon)
Additional Comments / Information:
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