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Q energy Boiler | Thermo Supply | West Middlesex, PA
One product we offer is the HTP™ high-efficiency stainless steel modulating boiler. This system has an electric ignition, eliminating the need to have the pilot light burning constantly. Made with new combustion technologies, it extracts more heat from the same amount of fuel. It also features sealed combustion, which uses outside air to fuel the burner, reducing draft and improving safety. With this boiler, you'll experience reliability and fuel savings.
Another product line we carry is radiant boilers from GeoExcel™ and Q Energy™. These are an excellent match for an in-floor radiant system, as they work together to heat your home and floors. Thermo Supply stocks the new line of HTP Combi Boilers which offers both space heating and domestic hot water all in one unit! Additional products we offer include:
  • Smith's™ Heating Edge™ Baseboard
  • Turbonics, Inc.™ Toester™ Fan Coils
  • HTP SuperStor™ Indirect Water Tanks
Contact us in West Middlesex, Pennsylvania, to schedule an appointment to discuss the benefits of a geothermal heating system for your home.